The fitted furniture range from Ambiance Bain is one of the most comprehensive on the market, featuring a wide collection of units available in numerous sizes allowing you to have a truly unique made-to-measure bathroom. Fitted bathroom furniture offers plenty of practical storage as well as concealing all the plumbing behind units and plinth as required.


Draw a plan of your room including all doors, windows and existing plumbing then position the various units within the available space. Do not forget that by adding large mirrors you will enhance the feeling of space in small rooms. Inspiration can be found within the different room type sections and with the roomset plan examples on the following pages.



Ambiance Bain offer seven different door designs for you to choose from. so whether You are looking for a contemporary or classic bathroom, there is something for you. Please note that the name refers to the door design, not its colour. All door styles are available in many different colours (view detail).


Ambiance Bain offers two types of worktops SMO™ or laminate. SMO™ worktops feature an integrated basin and are moulded into a single piece. Available with or without upstand, they provide a smooth, durable finish that is easy to clean with a guarantee against any water infiltration. Laminate worktops are a more affordable option, yet they are also made of a water resistant material and are available with or without upstand (view detail). Your personal worktop shades can be chosen to either contrast or complement the door finish accordingly (see here for full selection).


here are many beautiful handle included or opt for our latest contemporary push latch handless opening (available on most units) (view detail).


Alternatively seek assistance from your Ambiance bain retailer who has vast experience in designing both beautiful and practical bathrooms and will be more than happy to help you.