Bath panels are available in various sizes and all colours and finishes to blend beautifully with your bathroom furniture.



The plinth and panel are adjustable from behind to allow installation to standard bath heights up to 58cm. For unusually high baths an additional higher plinth can be supplied to increase the height by up to 12cm.

With adjustable plinth (58 cm maximum height)

KOMBATH170   W 170cm   £259  
KOMBATH190   W 190cm   £259  
KOMBATH70   W 70cm   £139  
KOMBATH75   W 75cm   £139  
KOMBATH80   W 80cm   £139  

With adjustable plinth (68 cm maximum height)

HIBATH170   W 170cm   £289  
HIBATH180   W 180cm   £289  
HIBATH70   W 70cm   £159  
HIBATH75   W 75cm   £159  
HIBATH80   W 80cm   £159  


Please note:
Bath panels are manufactured from resistant materials which are impervious to water infiltration, however once installed all panels must be sealed along top, bottom and sides with a suitable silicone sealant to prevent any damage from running or standing moisture. We always recommend the use of 5cm bath filler units between baths and furniture to prevent any damage to adjacent units from bath water. (see here)