SMO Showers

SMO™ the same material for the whole shower

SMO™ the same material for the whole shower

This versatile hardwearing material which has been designed and manufactured by Ambiance bain for over 20 years is a mixture of polyester and natural stone powders. It is cast into matching contemporary shower trays, wall panels and even one piece moulded basins and worktops within our own factories.


Ultra-resistant gelcoat and natural stone effect riven surface

The finished surfaces are created. by spraying a layer of gelcoat 1000 microns thick into a natural riven stone effect design. This makes the finished product 30 times more resistant to scratches or dents and more waterproof than our competitors sanitary paint finishes.

High durability

An anti UV treatment gives high resistance to aging, high colour stability and makes the products fade resistant (complying with standards NF438-2 and EN14527).

Anti-slip surface

All SMO™ shower trays comply with anti-slip regulation XP P05-01 O thanks to it’s riven stone effect design.

High resistance to chemical products

Bleach, limescale remover, drain cleaner, white vinegar... (complying with standard EN14527).

High resistance to scratches and dents

Impact resistant from everyday objects and abrasives (exceeding standards XPD60-050 and XPD12-210).


100% non porous, mouId resistant, moulded in one piece, no grout lines or joints requiring maintenance.

Acoustic quality

Solid material with very low noise resonance.

Fire resistance

Standard M2 (exceeding regulations NPF 92-501/3/4 & 5).