manufacturing quality

Industrial and technological innovation to support craftman traditions

In order to deliver an impeccable finish, production lines at Ambiance Bain blend a balance of the technician’s artisan skill and perspective with the latest technological innovations in manufacturing. Whether it’s CNC cutting or laser edging, nothing is left to chance; taking care of each last detail is the secret to unblemished quality.


Your bathroom is one-of-a-kind, made to order, and delivered fully assembled, adjusted and configured !

Once the order has been received from your retailer, this bathroom is already yours, every part is fully manufactured in one of our factories, according to your specifications and following perfect traceability at every step of the way. All of our units are assembled following traditional methods with glue and dowels. They are then individually pressed to ensure their solid longevity.



We take care of your bathroom right up to its delivery !

Every unit is carefully packed and shipped individually.

Customer service devoted to satisfaction and quality !

Our customer service team ensures that everything is logical with your order and will assist your retailer at every step in designing your project. All of our units come with a 5-year warranty.